Re: PATCH [0/4] perf: clean-up of power events API

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* Thomas Renninger <trenn@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Most definitely. It's no accident that it took such a long time for this issue 
> > to be raised in the first place. It's a rare occurance -
> Do you agree that this occurance happened now and these events should get cleaned 
> up before ARM and other archs make use of the broken interface?
> If not, discussing this further, is a big waste of time... and Jean would have to 
> try to adapt his ARM code on the broken ABI...

The discussion seems to have died down somewhat. Please re-send to lkml the latest 
patches you have to remind everyone of the latest state of things - the merge window 
is getting near.

My only compatibility/ABI point is basically that it shouldnt break _existing_ 
tracepoints (and users thereof). If your latest bits meet that then it ought to be a 
good first step. You are free to (and encouraged to) introduce more complete sets of 


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