Re: Changes to power management in ehci-tegra

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On 04/12/2012 12:07 PM, Alan Stern wrote:
> Benoit or anyone else:
> Right now the ehci-tegra driver powers down the EHCI controller during 
> bus suspend, if the appropriate parameter is set.  This is not the 
> right thing to do, and it will break under some newly added changes to 
> the USB core.
> Instead, the driver should leave the controller powered up during bus 
> suspend, and power it down during controller suspend.  Below is a patch 
> that attempts to do this.
> I have no way to test this patch; I haven't even compiled it.  Please 
> see if it works okay, or if it needs to be fixed at all.

I can test this. How would I trigger the bus conditions this patch
affects? Note that we don't have system suspend on Tegra yet.
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