RE: [PATCH 0/4] ARM: tegra: Automatic UART selection for earlyprintk

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Doug Anderson wrote at Wednesday, January 04, 2012 4:48 PM:
> 2. I'm slightly concerned about cramming stuff into IRAM, since
>    I don't have a good concept of what IRAM adresses are used when.
>    When I grep for IRAM users in our kernel, I see
>    TEGRA_AVP_RESUME_ADDR is using the base of IRAM.  We're not going
>    to be hosing suspend/resume or anything else with this CL, are we?
>    In the very least, I'd perfer to see a #define for the '0x100' and
>    the '0x55415254' so that we can correlate the constants in
>    uncompress.h and debug-macro.S

I discussed this with a few people, and it sounds like it's safe to use
IRAM for this. However, I did discover a few other uses of IRAM too, in
our downstream kernels anyway, so I'll certainly create arch/arm/mach-
tegra/include/mach/irammap.h that provides defines for all the IRAM
offsets, what they're used for, and when.


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