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> 1. I found rpm package of STGT for SLEL-11
> "tgt-0.9.0-1.14.x86_64.rpm" . Is it the latest version

No. Latest is 1.21

> where can I found the latest version ? [ Download link :
> ]

Download source code and build it :)
> 2. The above RPM does not contain /etc/tgt/target.conf. If we want to
> add target by editing target.conf without tgt-admin, Do we need to
> create it manually?

Yes: see examples/

> 3. STGT is also available  with source code in
> latest version.  Can we use this source code for SLES -11 SP1 ?

Yes, compile it under the same OS.

> The following error comes  due to (a) OS flavour or (b) xml-library. 
> [ Error : test -z "/usr/bin/xsltproc" || /usr/bin/xsltproc -o
> manpages/targets.conf.5
> targets.conf.5.xml /bin/sh: line 1:  8896 Segmentation fault ]

Dunno ... These commands builds the doc and manpages. Remember that you
need internet access in these phase of the compilation (to the dev team:
what about including these dtds in the source code to avoid it? )

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