Failed to write tape greater than 2Gb

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I successfully setup a VTL with tgt under Debian Squeeze that is operable with mtx. Loading, unloading, labeling of virtual tapes works perfectly with mtx and amanda backup. I firstly used the tgt stock deb package, and after I built tgt with the current git sources. I tried to write to the tape device with tar, but when the image file reached 2Gb, tar gave a "Cannot write: Input/output error", and found in syslog the error:

Dec 6 18:55:46 bunch tgtd: append_blk(175) Write of EOD blk header failed: Invalid argument Dec 6 18:55:47 bunch tgtd: tape_rdwr_request(604) io error 0x8badcb8 a 0 10240 0, Invalid argument Dec 6 18:55:47 bunch tgtd: append_blk(168) Rewrite of blk header failed: Invalid argument

I followed the esamples in the docs to build the image files, and the tape drive definition is this simple one:

    <backing-store /media/tgt/vtl/cleaning>
        lun 1
        device-type tape
        removable 1
        vendor_id "HP      "
        product_id "Ultrium 3-SCSI"
        product_rev "D21W"
        scsi_sn "HU012345AB"
        scsi_id "HP LTO3 ULTRIUM"

Complete targets.conf with the definition of the changer is here:

Thank you for your suggestions,
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