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Few additional things.

1) my apologies, lotus notes is the devil and did all sorts of terrible 
things to the formatting of initial post when viewed on

2) I have yet to see anyone post a detailed setup / results showing 1000+ 
MB/s throughput between open-iSCSI and stgt, so hopefully this helps 

3) I am surprised the iops are so low for small block tests, kind of makes 
you wonder about the validity of the splash page of which boasts 50k+ iops with small block sizes. 
Using a ramdisk eliminates the storage as a contention point so really all 
that is left is the initiator and the target.

4) tgt-admin needs some serious updating/work/rewrite, missing many flags 
/ cant add nullio devices via it etc etc.  My patch for bsflags is the tip 
of the iceberg as far as problems with that tool.



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