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Is there any intention in supporting SLP (discovery) support for the iSCSI target? RFC 4018 ( specifies this feature in some detail. I think it would be relatively easy to implement this, using for example OpenSLP.

I have looked a bit at the code implementing iSNS, and it seems to me SLP support could use the same general design as the iSNS code.

Am I correct in the following assumptions?
* A function slp_target_register, called at the end of iscsi_target_create could be created that collects ACL information and passes this to SLPReg (from OpenSLP). * Simmilarly, a function slp_target_unregister, called at the end of iscsi_target_destroy could be created to deregister. * iscsi_target_update should call an 'update' function, for setting SLP on/off. * Code could possibly be shared with the iSNS feature, but this requires changing a lot of the iSNS code.

If there is an interest in this, I can spend some time trying to implement this. (If there isn't I can just write a wrapper script that calls the slptool to register/deregister, I don't really need the ACL features)
Any toughts and comments are appreciated!

Môshe van der Sterre

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