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On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 10:43 PM, Pekka Enberg <penberg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I wasn't able to find out any C API for that and assume it was only
> possible with the C++ API. That said, I'd also be happy to use
> something else to be compatible with older versions if there is one.
> Any LLVM experts on the list?

If it just need to use the C++ API, we can compile a bridge c++ file
to export the missing C++ API to C file. It is actually pretty common praticse
if you play with LLVM internal a lot, some API just don't exist in C yet.
We are already using g++ to link llvm, one more c++ file could not hurt.
If we need some C++ only API later, we can add it there as well.

What do you say?

> LLVM 3.0 is going to be released "real soon now" so I don't think it's
> a problem in practice. We'd need to add a version check, though so we
> don't break build on machines that have older LLVM installed.

Still, it will take a while for the distribution to update to the new version.

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