Re: [PATCH] sparse, llvm: Fix 'void *' pointer code generation

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On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 6:13 PM, Jeff Garzik <jeff@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Thanks for pointing that out. Jeff, does this look OK?
> I don't know what bit_size==-1 means off the top of my head, so I assume yes


  void *p;

looks as follows with test-inspect:

  0: SYM_NODE: p
    ctype.base_type: SYM_PTR: <noident>
      ctype.base_type: SYM_BASETYPE: void

[ btw, is there a text mode version of test-inspect? ]

where the SYM_BASETYPE of 'void' has -1 set as bit_size by the frontend.

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