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Hi everyone,

Jeff Garzik and myself have been hacking on LLVM backed for Sparse. The sources
are available on Github:

  git clone git://github.com/penberg/sparse-llvm.git

You can use sparse-llvm with the 'sparsec' shells script provided in the source
tree. It has a GCC compatible command line interface and uses GCC for linking.
For example, you can try to build sparse with sparse-llvm like this:

  make CC=sparsec

Developers who are interested in looking at the LLVM output can use the
'sparse-llvm' command as follows:

  sparse-llvm foo.c | llvm-dis

The backend is already capable of generating code for simple C code on various
platforms. Supported C features include:

  * Function calls

  * Switch statements

  * if-else statements

  * Arithmetic operations

  * Bitwise operations

  * Floating point arithmetic

There's many features that are not supported so if you see an error message
such as this while compiling a C file:

  sparse-llvm: sparse-llvm.c:165: pseudo_type: Assertion `0' failed.

don't panic because it simply means you're attempting to use an unsupported
feature. Help implementing them is more than welcome!

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