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On Tue, Sep 01, 2009 at 11:59:09PM +0200, Kamil Dudka wrote:
> On Monday 31 of August 2009 22:53:54 Josh Triplett wrote:
> > That seems quite sensible, and it even seems like something sparse
> > should warn about by default.
> >
> > The reverse, warning about the assignment of an enum value to int, seems
> > useful as well, but sparse shouldn't issue that warning by default
> > because a lot of code just uses enum to define constants.
> >
> > Distinguishing between anonymous and named enums seems useful as well.
> > An anonymous enum just creates some named constants but doesn't create a
> > type to use them with, so assigning those constants to int shouldn't
> > generate a warning.  (Corner case: "enum { ... } foo;".)
> Here is my first take at casting from/to enum along with a simple test case. 
> Any feedback welcome...

Thanks for writing the patch.  This looks really good so far.  I have a
couple of comments on the cases you warn about and how you classify the

> static void foo(void) {
>     enum ENUM_TYPE_A { VALUE_A } var_a;
>     enum ENUM_TYPE_B { VALUE_B } var_b;
>     enum /* anon. */ { VALUE_C } anon_enum_var;
>     int i;
>     // always OK
>     var_a = VALUE_A;
>     var_a = (enum ENUM_TYPE_A) VALUE_B;
>     var_b = (enum ENUM_TYPE_B) i;
>     i = (int) VALUE_A;

Fair enough; a cast should indeed make the warning go away.  Good catch
to include the case of casting an enum value to a different enum type.
I'd also suggest including some casts of values like 0 in the "always
OK" section:

    var_a = (enum ENUM_TYPE_B) 0;

>     i = VALUE_B;

Why does this not generate a warning with Wenum-to-int?  You should have
to cast VALUE_B to int.

>     anon_enum_var = VALUE_C;
>     i = VALUE_C;
>     i = anon_enum_var;

Excellent, this represents exactly the behavior I had in mind when I
suggested the anonymous enum issue.

>     // already caught by -Wenum-mismatch (default)
>     var_a = var_b;
>     var_b = anon_enum_var;
>     anon_enum_var = var_a;
>     // caught by -Wint-to-enum (default)
>     var_a = VALUE_B;
>     var_b = VALUE_C;
>     anon_enum_var = VALUE_A;

Why does Wenum-mismatch not catch these?  Because it treats those
constants as ints?  Regardless of the cause, this seems wrong.  If you
explicitly declare a variable with enum type, assigning the wrong enum
constant to it should generate a enum-mismatch warning, not an
int-to-enum warning.  However, I understand if this proves hard to fix,
and generating *some* warning seems like an improvement over the current
behavior of generating *no* warning.

>     var_a = 0;
>     var_b = i;
>     anon_enum_var = 0;
>     anon_enum_var = i;

I'd also suggest including tests with enum constants casted to integers:

    var_a = (int) VALUE_A;
    var_a = (int) VALUE_B;

>     // caught only with -Wenum-to-int
>     i = var_a;
> }

> --- a/sparse.1
> +++ b/sparse.1
> @@ -149,6 +149,18 @@ Sparse issues these warnings by default.  To turn them off, use
>  \fB\-Wno\-enum\-mismatch\fR.
>  .
>  .TP
> +.B \-Wenum\-to\-int
> +Warn about casting of an \fBenum\fR type to int and thus possible lost of
> +information about the type.

This should not say "warn about casting", because it specifically
*doesn't* warn about casting.  s/casting of/converting/.

I don't think "possible loss of information" seems like the reason to
care about this warning.  These warnings just represent ways of getting
sparse to make you treat enums as distinct types from int.  I'd suggest
dropping the second half of the sentence.

I'd also suggest adding something like "An explicit cast to int will
suppress this warning.".

> +.TP
> +.B \-Wint\-to\-enum
> +Warn about casting of int (or incompatible enumeration constant) to \fBenum\fR.

OK, so the test represents *documented* behavior, but it still doesn't
seem right. :)  The "(or incompatible enumeration constant)" bit seems
like it should become part of Wenum-mismatch.

Or if necessary, perhaps part of some new flag, like
Wenum-constant-mismatch, but that seems like overkill.

s/casting of/converting/, as above.

I'd also suggest adding "An explicit cast to the enum type will suppress
this warning.".

- Josh Triplett
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