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Re: System hanging randomly (SMP Kernel 2.6.20) - ATI chipset+Pentium 4HT

El Viernes, 2 de Marzo de 2007, Erik Mouw escribió:
> Try to recreate the problem without the proprietary wlan driver. With
> that driver loaded it's impossible to debug.
> Erik

Thank you Erik,

I've deleted madwifi from my current kernel, now I'm connected with ethernet, 
but after reboot my laptop just stay 10 minutes and then hang again :s

The same beahave, the mouse keeps moving but everything gets stucked, then the 
mouse also get hang, I have tu make a force shutdown.

Thank you, I'll be waiting your answer.

Xavier Callejas
International Bonded Couriers
El Salvador
+503 2250-5900

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