Re: [PATCH 10/10] oom: Make find_lock_task_mm() sparse-aware

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On Sat, 2012-03-24 at 20:21 +0400, Anton Vorontsov wrote:

> Just wonder how do you see the feature implemented?
> Something like this?
> #define __ret_cond_locked(l, c)	__attribute__((ret_cond_locked(l, c)))
> #define __ret_value		__attribute__((ret_value))
> #define __ret_locked_nonnull(l)	__ret_cond_locked(l, __ret_value);
> extern struct task_struct *find_lock_task_mm(struct task_struct *p)
> 	__ret_locked_nonnull(&__ret_value->alloc_lock);

Yeah, see the email I just CC'ed you on to linux-sparse.

Basically extend __attribute__((context())) to allow things similar to
what you proposed.
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