Re: [PATCH][RFC] Allow to use adler32 for SCTP

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On 01/14/2011 02:25 AM, Wei Yongjun wrote:

> decode both checksums by default will cause performance lost.
> Why not change this to kernel config, and disable it by default since
> most people do not need this?

Well, by default I am only checking the CRC32 checksum and have a test and a
branch for a global variable. So the question is what is the impact of the
extra load of the global variable?

Do you have a benchmark in mind? Something as simple as one connection and
sending messages between two machines? Or should I guard this whole config
with a kernel config right away?

> Other question: why not just update your box which only support
> adler32 to support new crc32 checksums? Linux and Freebsd etc.
> do not using adler32, but using crc32.

I wish I could, the machine is on the edge of the network and not in my control.
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