Re: [PATCH] fcoe: fix compilation warnings of section mismatch

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On 12-06-26 05:17 AM, Tony Zelenoff wrote:

Fix this message:
WARNING: drivers/scsi/fcoe/libfcoe.o(.init.text+0x21): Section mismatch
in reference from the function init_module() to the function
The function __init init_module() references
a function __exit fcoe_transport_exit().

Signed-off-by: Tony Zelenoff <antonz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx><mailto:antonz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thank you for the patch. However, this was fixed a few weeks ago. The patch is in James' 'for-next' branch here:;a=commit;h=43b8a1613a1c8707d0e86316a7d6999fd767a5cf

I'm not sure if it's queue'd up for the current RC phase or not. I don't know how the scsi.git branches are managed. I think the patch should go for the current RC.


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