Re: scsi: lpfc_scsi: Remove unused variables

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fyi - this error in lpfc was corrected in our 8.3.31 patch set - posted back in May:

-- james

On 6/7/2012 2:42 AM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Richard Yao wrote:

Using -Werror enables us to catch potential runtime issues before they
You have more trust in GCC and other compilers than I do.

If you'd like some entertainment, then for example see:

Bugs and misdesigned features do not have to be involved for this to
be a problem --- all it takes is a gcc upgrade that adds a new
warning, and suddenly you've turned your existing potential code
cleanliness improvements into failed builds and lots of wasted time
for innocent sysadmins.  -Werror is great for development, but using
it in production turns out to be pretty much always a terrible idea.

Thanks for the chance to vent about this. :)  It's bad, bad, bad.


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