Re: Commit a692b0e broke my mvsas card

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On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 8:23 AM, Tom Rini <trini@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Performance isn't in-line with what I would expect (in playing with fio), so
> if you want to whip something up, or point me some changesets / other
> drivers I can take a stab here.  Thanks!

The thrust is to change this loop in mvs_pci_init:

        do {
                mvi = mvs_pci_alloc(pdev, ent, shost, nhost);
                if (!mvi) {
                        rc = -ENOMEM;
                        goto err_out_regions;

                memset(&mvi->hba_info_param, 0xFF,
                        sizeof(struct hba_info_page));


                mvi->instance = nhost;
                rc = MVS_CHIP_DISP->chip_init(mvi);
                if (rc) {
                        goto err_out_regions;
        } while (nhost < chip->n_host); assume that mvs_pci_alloc will do the allocation of a scsi_host
per chip, rather than passing in a global host.

Then would need to clean up warts like the following in mvs_phy_control:

        while (sha->sas_phy[i]) {
                if (sha->sas_phy[i] == sas_phy)

...since this model means that the sas_phy->id can be used directly to
look up the local mvsas phy.

I might circle back to this once 3.4 finalizes (since the random ids
libsas uses for identifying local ports is onerous), but if someone
else beats me to it I wouldn't mind ;-).

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