Re: [RFC] How to fix an async scan - rmmod race?

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On 04/11/12 22:28, Mike Christie wrote:

> On 04/11/2012 02:47 PM, Bart Van Assche wrote:
>> disadvantage is that this approach will only work fine if the LLD stops
>> I/O completion notifications before invoking scsi_remove_host(). Several
> I don't think you would want to do that, because you have IO from the
> sd_shutdown path that you do want to execute. After the remove/shutdown
> callouts have been run then you do not want new IO to be sent to the LLD.
> So scsi_remove_host sets the host state to cancel initially. It then
> calls scsi_forget_host which will loop over devices and remove them.
> That could cause IO to be sent by functions like sd_shutdown.

So that means that with an operational transport layer it's wrong for a
SCSI LLD to stop processing SCSI commands before scsi_remove_host()
finished ? It looks like several SCSI LLD authors are not aware of this.
I have found several examples of high-profile SCSI LLD drivers in the
kernel tree that cause newly submitted SCSI commands to fail during
kernel module removal even before scsi_remove_host() gets invoked.

> After the ULD code is run __scsi_remove_device will set the state to
> SDEV_DEL and scsi_remove_host will then set the state to SHOST_DEL. So
> that would prevent new IO from getting queued.
> But then is there a race that you were hitting?

scsi_remove_host() can get invoked after the SCSI core has submitted a
request to the LLD via queuecommand() but before the LLD has received
the I/O completion notification that will be generated once that request
finishes. I see three alternatives to handle this:
- The LLD stops I/O completion notifications before invoking
  scsi_remove_host() (which is not correct because it prevents
  sd_shutdown() to send SCSI commands to the device).
- The SCSI core keeps the LLD around long enough until it is sure that
  no new I/O notifications will arrive.
- The SCSI LLD stops I/O completion notifications after having invoked
  scsi_remove_host() and kills all pending SCSI commands before
  continuing with LLD-specific host removal tasks. As far as I can see
  the SCSI core doesn't provide a function yet that would allow an
  LLD to kill all pending requests. Maybe blk_abort_queue() could be
  helpful here.

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