Re: [RFC] How to fix an async scan - rmmod race?

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On 04/06/12 17:15, James Bottomley wrote:

> Consider where the command came from: either it's come from startup (the
> current problem), operation (in which case the device must be open to
> send and receive it) or teardown (which is synchronous).

And what about e.g. sd_check_events() or sr_check_events() ?

Maybe I should explain why I started looking at the SCSI error handler
in so much detail. While running disk removal tests against ib_srp I
found out that the SCSI error handler thread can invoke the LLD's abort
and reset handlers long after scsi_remove_host() finished. That's why I
came up with this patch: "[PATCH 05/15] ib_srp: Avoid that SCSI error
handling triggers a crash"
But I'm still wondering whether that's the right approach. Should this
issue be addressed in each LLD or in the SCSI core ?


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