qla2xxx: NULL deref in qla_tgt_abort_task()

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Hello Nicholas,

This is a semi-automatic email about new static checker warnings.

The patch 962f988d031f: "qla2xxx: Add LLD target-mode infrastructure 
for >= 24xx series" from Mar 8, 2012, leads to the following Smatch 

drivers/scsi/qla2xxx/qla_target.c:2873 qla_tgt_abort_task()
	 error: we previously assumed 'sess' could be null (see line 2870)

  2869		sess = ha->tgt_ops->find_sess_by_loop_id(vha, loop_id);
  2870		if (sess == NULL) {

  2871			ql_dbg(ql_dbg_tgt_mgt, vha, 0xe129, "qla_target(%d): task abort for unexisting "
  2872				"session\n", vha->vp_idx);
  2873			res = qla_tgt_sched_sess_work(sess->tgt, QLA_TGT_SESS_WORK_ABORT,
NULL dereference.

  2874						iocb, sizeof(*iocb));
  2875			if (res != 0)

dan carpenter

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