re: qla2xxx: Enable >= 24xx target-mode support in SCSI LLD

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Hello Nicholas,

The patch bb52e091fe63: "qla2xxx: Enable >= 24xx target-mode support 
in SCSI LLD" from Mar 8, 2012, leads to the following Smatch warning:

drivers/scsi/qla2xxx/qla_mbx.c:1458 qla2x00_get_port_database()
	 error: potential null derefence 'pd24'.

  1457                  /* If not target must be initiator or unknown type. */
  1458                  if ((pd24->prli_svc_param_word_3[0] & BIT_4))
  1459                          fcport->port_type = FCT_TARGET;
  1460                  else if ((pd24->prli_svc_param_word_3[0] & BIT_5))
These are always NULL here.

  1461                          fcport->port_type = FCT_INITIATOR;

dan carpenter

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