Re: [PATCH] scsi_debug: add LBPRZ support

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On 3/7/12 7:00 PM, Douglas Gilbert wrote:
> On 12-03-07 03:09 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:
>> Add LBPRZ support to scsi_debug; i.e. return zero for
>> unmapped blocks.
>> Rather than checking for unmapped blocks at
>> read time, this just zeroes them on the backing store
>> at unmap time so it behaves the same way.
>> This also adds a module parameter to disable it, since
>> some SSDs have this behavior.
>> unmap_zeroes, "unmapped blocks return 0 on read (def=1)"
>> Signed-off-by: Eric Sandeen<sandeen@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> ---
>> Note: This was sent long ago as "TPRZ" support, but lost, I guess.
>> Note2: dgilbert preferred "zeros" to "zeroes" at the time,
>> but since we have "discard_zeroes_data" in sysfs it seems like
>> we should be consistent with the kernel precedent, rather than
>> the spec spelling.
> Eric,
> I checked the latest drafts of SPC-4 and SBC-3 and they
> contain both "zeros" and "zeroes". Take your pick!

While we're talking about names, looking at other scsi_debug_* flags
should it be lbprz / scsi_debug_lbprz / DEF_LBPRZ instead of
unmap_zeroes / scsi_debug_unmap_zeroes / DEF_UNMAP_ZEROES?
> More seriously the LBPRZ flag now appears in the Logical
> Block Provisioning VPD page and the READ CAPACITY (16)
> response. Your patch sets the latter, could you add the
> LBPRZ flag setting in the inquiry_evpd_b2() function as
> well. Perhaps:
>   if (scsi_debug_unmap_zeroes)
>     arr[1] |= 1 << 2;

ok; I'm no scsi guy, just a pattern-following monkey but I'll
change that if you say it's right. :)

> And if your are editing that function in the comment introducing
> that function:
>    s/Thin/Logical block/
> to reflect the renaming done by .


> Ah, and inquiry_evpd_b2() should return 4 (not 8).

Is that at all related to this change or some other random bug?
Should that return be unconditional?  Should that be a separate
patch?  By someone who knows what it means? :)

> Otherwise it looks good.



> Doug Gilbert

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