Re: [LSF/MM TOPIC] linux servers as a storage server - what's missing?

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On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 01:44:16PM +0530, Shyam_Iyer@xxxxxxxx wrote:


> Simple asks -
> 1) Provide a consistent storage and fs management library that discourages folks to write their own usespace storage library. Include things like fs formatting(fs profiles), transport configuration(eg: iscsiadm as a library), thin provisioning watermarks, cluster management, apis for cgroups etc.
For cgroups, we have libcgroup library. Not many people like to use it 
though as cgroup is exported as a filesystem and they prefer to use normal
libc api to traverse and configure cgroups (Instead of going through
another library). Some examples include libvrit, systemd.

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