[RFC/PATCH 0/13] Add device tree support for s5p-fimc SoC camera host interface driver

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Hi All,

This patch series adds device tree support for Samsung S5P/Exynos SoC
camera devices - camera host interface (FIMC), MIPI-CSI2 receiver
(a frontend to FIMC) and S5K6AA image sensor.

It also defines common "data-lanes" property for MIPI-CSI2 receivers and 
transmitters, as well as "video-bus-type" for image sensors, video encoders 
etc. and camera host interface drivers.

For an overview of the topology of devices in an SoC I have attached sample
graph generated from output at /dev/media? Media Controller devnode.
It's not generated from latest kernel, however it depicts well how the image
sensor (S5K6AA), MIPI-CSIS and FIMC devices are connected.

In coming few weeks I'm going to be offline and Bartlomiej will continue with
this RFC during that time.

The patches will be available in few hours at:

Base tree for this series is available at git repository:
git:// camera-of

Comments are welcome.


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