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[patch v2 00/10] kdump: Patch series for s390 support (version 2)

Hello Vivek,

To make progress and for getting at least the "standard" kdump port upstream
soon, I send you now the updated patch series that contain the s390 kdump port
without stand-alone dump support. The support for stand-alone dump tools
can be added later.

Main changes compared to version 1:
1. We use purgatory code
2. We use pre-allocated ELF core header
3. Registers are saved in old kernel
4. Removed meminfo

The following patches are most interesting for you:
[1-4] Common code changes
[9]   S390 kdump kernel backend
[10]  S390 kdump kexec-tools backend

Patches 5-8 are s390 specific preparation patches for the kdump port.

I hope we will make progress.

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