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Re: nvidia bug or RT bug?

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> Here is a patch carried forward for 302.06.03 (the beta driver I
> downloaded with CUDA 5.0 preview a few weeks ago).  They were
> the same for the 270 driver.  This has worked for me; maybe it will
> work for you.

I've actually got 302.11 running, nicely. I haven't had the crash i
originally posted about it a while (that doesn't mean it was fixed

here is a link (pastebin) to the patch that i am using;

do you see any problems, or something that may be missing? (aside from
the MSI stuff?) I ask because i suppose it is possible that nvidia has
changed, added something and the patch that i use is for the 290.
series and i just adapted the pkguibld (build-script) to use the
latest version. So if you see any issues let me know, and i could
forward that information to the packager who is maintaining this

> I am a little uncertain about my removal of "NV_INIT_MUTEX(mutex)
> semaphore_init(mutex)".  I can't remember what my rational was.

I have no idea. ;)


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