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Re: 2.6.33.[56]-rt23: howto create repeatable explosion in wakeup_next_waiter()

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On Fri, 2010-07-09 at 00:19 -0700, Darren Hart wrote:

> I'll keep on looking, but I wanted to share what I've learned in case anyone
> in another timezone is hoping to continue debugging should I fall asleep at
> the helm ;-)

Still making smoke here, no heat or light tho..

Q: why is it ok to call rt_mutex_proxy_unlock() without the wait_lock
held?  Every other path leading to rt_mutex_set_owner() seems to hold
the lock.  Locking it did diddly spit other than shut up my WARN_ON().

diff --git a/kernel/futex.c b/kernel/futex.c
index a6cec32..f4b76d9 100644
--- a/kernel/futex.c
+++ b/kernel/futex.c
@@ -407,7 +407,9 @@ static void free_pi_state(struct futex_pi_state *pi_state)
+		raw_spin_lock(&pi_state->pi_mutex.wait_lock);
 		rt_mutex_proxy_unlock(&pi_state->pi_mutex, pi_state->owner);
+		raw_spin_unlock(&pi_state->pi_mutex.wait_lock);
 	if (current->pi_state_cache)

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