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On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 10:55 AM, fabio <fabio7774@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> (re-sent with title).
> I just installed the rt-patches (rt-24) on top of 2.6.29-rc6 for a MIPS board.
> After I noticed that it doesn't compile out of the box, I found out
> that it has not been tested on MIPS except for Lemote in 2.6.26 I
> think.
> Questions:
> Is there a schedule date for MIPS  support ? otherwise from which
> stable version may I start on or even better from which patches should I
> start in order to make rt-24 support for MIPS.
> Also how about rt14 ? Is there any MIPS support ?

Hi Fabio

The -rtX numbering starts with X=1 when we start developing against
a new kernel. (or usually a release candidate).

So for example, the latest -rt kernel is
The first one in that series was, 2.6.31-rc4-rt1

So, you need to refer to the whole kernel version number or
we can't tell which version you are talking about.

If you would like to contribute MIPS patches that would be great. I recommend
you do so against the latest version though or else you'll most likely
be on your own!

Also, there are no schedules. If the support isn't there, you can either try
to provide it yourself, or pay a company to do so for you.

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