rdma_connect() timeout question

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Is there a way to tune rdma_connect() timeout to a lower value ?
it takes about a minute to timeout. We would like to tune it in our case to a much lower value.

The scenario is RDS trying to reconnect when a bonding interface notifies us of a link fail over. In our setup the gratuitous arp doesn't arrive sometimes to update the arp entry with the new GID. The address resolution returns the old GID. Route resolution also happens to return the old path in this failure case. (Other times when route solution fails it is not a problem. The reconnect attempts eventually go through in those cases.) And the rdma_connect() gets stuck. A timeout in 1 minute and a subsequent retry of address/route-resolution/rdma_connect then succeeds.
Because by that time the arp entry is updated.

Can cma_response_timeout and CMA_MAX_CM_RETRIES be made tunables ?
Even better would have been if the caller (RDS in this case) could have passed them as connection setup parameters. ;-)
That way we don't have to disturb the setting for non-RDS traffic.


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