Re: [PATCH] {NET,IB}/mlx4: 64 byte CQE/EQE support

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On 5/24/2012 5:30 PM, Or Gerlitz wrote:
The patch makes sure that older guest drivers who follows the
QUERY_DEV_FUNC command (e.g as done in mlx4_core of Linux 3.3/3.4)
will notice that they need an update to be able to work with the
PPF since the returned pf_context_behaviour will not be zero any more.


Somethings aren't done right here, when I coded the SRIOV related aspects
of the patch, I missed the fact that the query device capabilities command doesn't
have a wrapper...

Jack is now fixing that with the SRIOV IB patches he's working on,
so please hold off with accepting this patch. I would still love to get feedback on
the design re user space, etc compatibility and the patch in general.

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