Re: Infiniband stack allows references to freed memory

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From: Or Gerlitz <ogerlitz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 11:02:40 +0300

> Dave, as for the conversion to dst_neigh_lookup, looking on net-next,
> I see about 30 hits for dst_get_neighbour_noref vs 13 hits for
> dst_neigh_lookup, so I wasn't sure about your comment re the ipoib
> conversion being what actually remains to make that change happen, can
> you elaborate here a little further?

It is the only major instance that I don't personally have plans for
a dst_neigh_lookup() conversion.

I can't do some of those transformations to dst_neigh_lookup() in
net/ipv4 and net/ipv6 until the others are out of the way.

> Also, if ipoib moves to use that api, you made a comment that it will
> have a reference on the neighbour which will need to be released. I
> took a look on the net/atm use case which should to some extent be
> similar to ipoib, I see that neigh_release is called for neighbours
> retrieved by that API, okay.


> Just for the sake of example, does the atm code free from the races
> you mention re ipoib? I see that it does stick its own object on the
> neighbour through the priv pointer but wasn't sure if it helps in that
> respect without further RCU-ing things.

I haven't audited ATM for races of any kind, and I have no plans to
do so, sorry.

Please, I did fully audit and analyze the IPoIB case, so please use
one of the approaches suggsted.
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