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Hi Roland!

Also another question. I still cannot create target with targetcli nor with configfs. It alays said that wwn is invalid and seems cannot register ib device. Can it be related to order of module loading. I have this problems both with mlx4 and mthca device. Or may it be related to firmware version. Its branded HP devices. Can I use non OEM firmware for them?

Roland Dreier писал 2012-04-12 17:46:
On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 2:09 AM, Roland Dreier
<roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Are you sure you're actually loading the patched module?
I don't see how it could fail to print something if ib_create_srq()
fails.  You could try adding a printk() to the very beginning of
srpt_add_one() and making sure that shows up.

(That would explain why my first patch didn't fix things for you)

Indeed, I just replicated your problem on my system and confirmed
that the patch adding "srq_attr.srq_type = IB_SRQT_BASIC" does
let mthca devices get through srpt_add_one().  I'll get ready to send
that fix upstream.

It seems quite likely you forgot to install the patched ib_srpt module
or something similar.


Best Regards,
Alexey 'Alexxy' Shvetsov
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia
Department of Molecular and Radiation Biophysics
Gentoo Team Ru
Gentoo Linux Dev
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