Re: [PATCH] ibacm: Fixes to ACM package to support distros

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On 04/05/12 19:10, Hefty, Sean wrote:

> I create a .tar.gz package using 'make dist', copy it to another

> system, then> install it using 'configure && make install'.  When I
> do that, sysconfdir defaults to /usr/local/etc, sbindir /usr/local
> /sbin, and bindir to /usr/local/bin.  I added /usr/local to PATH, so
> that the init script would work.  Otherwise I get a 'command not
> found' error when running the script.  On a side note, my ibacm
> configuration files end up in /usr/local/etc/rdma.

> To say that I'm not sure what autotools and the init scripts are doing

> is an understatement...  The init script finds ibacm in /usr/sbin,
> but not /usr/local/sbin where it ended up being installed.  I'm not
> sure how to fix that.
On an RPM-based system invoking configure as follows helps a lot:

rpm --eval '%configure' |
  sed "s|\(\./configure \)|\1 --disable-static $@|" |

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