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Re: [PATCH] pppoe: Missed check for destination addr in PADT frame processing

On 10/15/10, Sujit K M <sjt.kar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> In case of ISP has single access point, it has one source MAC for all
>> network, right? If such AP is buggy and give two(or more) equal
>> session_id's to several clients, this cause situation I described
>> above.
> I am still not clear. The session_id will have an unique value for the pppoe
> connection. I think It will be a part of
> 1. The handshake that goes on
> 2. Crytography for the device(specific to the modem).
> Even If 2 fails, 1 Should fix it(be it single/multiple).

Once more - this is how it should be done by RFC. But due to buggy ISP
hardware uniqueness of session_id violated! Client doesn't know
anything about other clients connected to the ISP, so it can't fix

Also I don't understand you - how cryptography relates to PPPoE frame header.
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