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Re: Control pppd behaviour

Its a requirement from my customer which I need to implement !
My customer doesn't want normal retries but want this to be tried. As
simple as that.
In addtion:and after m retries, I would want to switch to some default
credentials and continue the retries.
Does this explain ?

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 7:09 PM, James Carlson <carlsonj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ashmath Khan wrote:
>> Thanks James for long explanation.
>> Let me explain. I am actually looking for a different retry mechanism
>> for failures. My retry interval would vary depending on the number of
>> retries. To given an example:
>> nth retry is to be attempted at (n - 1)3 x 10 secs after previous attempt
> Why?  You still haven't explained what you're doing.
> What problem are you attempting to solve?  Can you give us any hints at all?
>> So the retry interval is not constant but derived from a formula.
>> Are such things possible without modifying the code ?
> No.  See pppd/fsm.c, f->timeouttime, and the TIMEOUT() macro.
> --
> James Carlson         42.703N 71.076W         <carlsonj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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