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Re: getting the device of the ppp connection

Charlie Brady schrieb:
> On Fri, 13 Nov 2009, Mark Ryden wrote:
>> What I mean is this: I have eth0 - eth3 on a machine, and a ppp
>> connection. I want to know by a
>> short program which device is the one which the ppp connection is
>> using (I know that usually this can
>> be deduced by running "ps" for the corresponding ppp daemon, and
>> inspecting the parameters; for example, with pppoe, I have "-I eth1"
>> parameter (-I stands for interface). But I want a more general
>> way which can be used in cases when we cannot get this info).
> I would do this via an environment variable that you set via your start
> script:
> PPPOE_DEVICE=eth1 pppoe .... -I eth1
> Have a look at daemontools or runit for mechanisms to give you good
> reliable control of the execution environment of long-running processes.
> ---

you can scan the output of ifconfig -a,
but normaly pppd setups a ppp0.


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