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Re: Re: Re: how to use compress modul in ppp process


>Why did you think that?
Since I got a strange package with protocol field 0xFD(not 0x00FD). 
I've read ppp_generic.txt and got that the upper layer should pass packages to ppp_generic driver with two octets protocol field. 
So this should be finished on l2tp layer(channel preferably) or other kinds of channel.
>l2tp is just an encapsulation layer which has nothing to do with MPPC.
You are right.

>Do you have a good reason for apparently ignoring my statement that MPPC 
>is usually not supported by the ppp modules in the kernel? Are you quite 
>sure that your kernel (or kernel modules) has been specifically patched to 
>support MPPC? If not, you cannot use MPPC, not matter how you configure 
>your client.
Really? But in my machine(which kernel is 2.6, Debian system) has ppp_mppe module but no any patch. Also has other compress module such as bsd_comp, deflate.
Does this mean that kernel support it and I can use it? 

Thanks so much for your kindly reply.


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