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Re: ppp in D+ state

In article <46EC9B4B.80809@xxxxxxxx>,
Michele Mencacci  <shire@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hello there,
>I don't know since when, ( before I had 2.6.16 and now I'm passed to
>, but now pppd while is running, it stops, or better it's live,
>but I can't send or receive....and if I kill it, it hangs-up the modem,
>but it remain live in D+state and I can only reboot the linux box  :(
>Instead with 2.6.16 it works fine...well sometime it stops but I can
>kill and restart, but less often than 2.6.22.
>It appears to be random.....any hints?

For what it's worth I see this too (

pppd goes into D state, and so does 'ifconfig' and several other
programs that try to use ioctl calls to enumerate network interfaces.
Eventually every process on the system is in D state and I have to reboot
to get anything to work.

I have two ADSL PPPoE feeds.  The second feed continues to work after the
first goes down, except that if the second feed goes down too, its pppd
process gets into the same state.  Actually all attempts to bring any
network interface up or down have the same result:  the process trying to
do this ends up in D state.

Sometimes, though not always, there is a kernel log message which complains
that the ppp interface has reference count = 1.

I've also used,, and, which don't have this
problem, but they did have other bugs which crash the whole machine.

At least with this bug, my system is able to reboot itself if it gets
stuck.  Ah, progress.  ;-)

Zygo Blaxell (Laptop) <zblaxell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
GPG = B203 9402 B0E7 0F20 3B74  B13C DFBC C916 4395 FD03
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