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Re: PPTP conf help...

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 01:32:40PM +0800, K.Senthil Kumar wrote:
> i'm new to linux. i want to setup a vpn server in my office.

While pppd is involved in a PPTP VPN, it isn't really inside the scope
of PPP and this mailing list.

You should contact the poptop-server@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list
for the pptpd project.  See http://poptop.org/ and the archives on

You should contact the pptpclient-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing
list for the pptp client project.  See http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/

> i tried to configure pptp server in my pc. in first attempt clients
> can connect with the pptp, in the following attempts it is saying an
> error 800, the server is not reachable. my pc is not directly
> connected to router, but thorugh magnia server as hub.

This does not sound unusual, I've heard of such problems.

> is pppoe needed to establish vpn server? 

No, not a PPTP VPN server.

> how can i route it to my pc from router?
> can you please give me step by step details.

Don't know.  Contact your router provider.

Try OpenVPN if you haven't already.  It has a few features that increase
the security of the VPN, features that PPTP can never have without
breaking backward compatibility.

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