Re: ehci_hcd related S3 lockup on ASUS laptops, again

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On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 03:12:13PM -0400, Alan Stern wrote:
> You can try getting rid of the call to pci_prepare_to_sleep in 
> drivers/usb/core/hcd-pci.c:hcd_pci_suspend_noirq.  This will prevent 
> the controller from being put into D3hot and might interfere with 
> wakeup detection.
> I don't know how sigificant the difference is between
> pci_disable_device and pci_disable_enabled_device.  Probably not very, 
> since all it involves is whether or not to disable bus-mastering on the 
> controller.
I replaced the hcd_pci_suspend_noirq call with retval=0 and suspend/resume
was successful.


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