Re: Fwd: perf trace cannot work with software events ?

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zhao bao <baozhao <at>> writes:

> I applyed this patch in the builtin-script.c , recompile and install
> it. But I found it still doesn't  show any CR2 address info. The patch
> seems to list a addr column, but perf script still work as before.

 Hi, I think I find the problem.
In builtin-script.c,   array output_fields should also be
changed,PERF_OUTPUT_ADDR should added to  [PERF_TYPE_SOFTWARE],  am I

static u64 output_fields[PERF_TYPE_MAX] = {
                              PERF_OUTPUT_CPU | PERF_OUTPUT_TIME | \
                              PERF_OUTPUT_EVNAME | PERF_OUTPUT_SYM | \

Here is the output:
[root@localhost lab]#  /root/bin/perf script
          hello  2229 [000]  1339.388865: page-faults: 0x804963c
  c05ccbb3 clear_user ([kernel.kallsyms])
          hello  2229 [000]  1339.388898: page-faults: 0x670834
 c05ccbb3 clear_user ([kernel.kallsyms])
          hello  2229 [000]  1339.388915: page-faults: 0xbf905d6b
   c05cc70c __copy_to_user_ll ([kernel.kallsyms])
          hello  2229 [000]  1339.388945: page-faults: 0x652870
      870 _start (/lib/
          hello  2229 [000]  1339.388950: page-faults: 0x656920
     4920 _dl_start (/lib/
          hello  2229 [000]  1339.388954: page-faults: 0x669acb
    17acb __i686.get_pc_thunk.bx (/lib/
          hello  2229 [000]  1339.388958: page-faults: 0x66fe54
     4939 _dl_start (/lib/

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