unresoved function addresses for loadable module

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Please help, I'm trying to get the counters/events for a loadable module but I'm not getting my functions (names) profiled in the output (addresses instead).
I've tried:

perf report --verbose --dso='[module-name]'
perf report -k /usr/src/vmlinux --dso='[module-name]'
(same result as above: perf report -d /usr/src/module-path/module-name.ko)
perf report --sort comm,dso,symbol
perf report -d /usr/src/module-path/module-name.ko --sort comm,dso,symbol

This 'annotate' command produce no output (as symbol is not found):
perf annotate -l -d /usr/src/module-path/module-name.ko -m -s module-function

What are the correct options for 'report' and 'annotate' commands that reports the module's functions? 

Also, there must be an option (not showing in the --help but mentioned in design doc) to selectively record the counters for user or kernel space only,


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