Re: disabling group leader perf_event

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* Frank Ch. Eigler <fche@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> mingo wrote:

 - slightly disparaging author quotation style: check

> > [...] Do you know some interesting usecase that would be excluded
> > via such address restrictions?
> You could study tracing-oriented runtime systems such as those of
> dtrace, dprobes, or even systemtap, to help answer such questions.

 - slightly superior sounding style of discussion: check

> > Things like flexible arrays or more complex data structures such as
> > trees couldnt be used initially. More complex data structures would
> > need locking in any case. [...]  I.e. it would initially be
> > restricted roughly to code where halting can be proven. Still looks
> > interesting to me [...]
> There are years of experience out there to learn from.  Note the sorts 
> of filtering expressions (never mind control logic) used in the prior 
> art, so that you can know what you're about to sacrifice by a 
> simple-sounding implementation.

 - offhanded, patronizing tone: check

 - widespread lack of specifics: check

 - dissing others while promoting systemtap: check

... so i dont really need to look at the 'From' field to see that this 
reply can only have come from 'fche'!


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