Re: [PATCH v1] PCI: work around Stratus ftServer broken PCIe hierarchy

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On 04/25/2012 07:36 PM, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
> A PCIe downstream port is a P2P bridge.  Its secondary interface is
> a link that should lead only to device 0 (unless ARI is enabled)[1], so
> we don't probe for non-zero device numbers.
> Some Stratus ftServer systems have a PCIe downstream port (02:00.0) that
> leads to both an upstream port (03:00.0) and a downstream port (03:01.0),
> and 03:01.0 has important devices below it:
>   [0000:02]-+-00.0-[0000:03]--+-00.0
>                               \-01.0-[0000:xx]--+-[USB]
>                                                 \-[NIC]
> Previously, we didn't enumerate device 03:01.0, so USB and the network
> didn't work.  This patch adds a DMI quirk to scan all device numbers,
> not just 0, below a downstream port.
> Based on a patch by Prarit Bhargava.
> [1] PCIe spec r3.0, sec 7.3.1
> CC: Myron Stowe <mstowe@xxxxxxxxxx>
> CC: Don Dutile <ddutile@xxxxxxxxxx>
> CC: James Paradis <jim.paradis@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Nuts.  This is my fault.  I'm so used to calling him "Jim" that I screwed up his
email address.  It should be james.paradis@xxxxxxxxxxx .

Jim, can you retest with this updated version of the patch so we can confirm it


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