TLB Miss Bug?

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As GCC has gotten larger with time, I started seeing hangs in the stage1 compilers when they are compiled with no optimization. This first was seen with gnat1. I now see it with cc1 and cc1plus.

The hangs always occur at the same place (ldw,s instruction) in the GCC casesi insn pattern:

(gdb) disass $pc-16,$pc+16
Dump of assembler code from 0x45fbec4 to 0x45fbee4:
0x045fbec4 <cpp_spell_token+68>:	ldw 0(ret0),ret0
0x045fbec8 <cpp_spell_token+72>: cmpib,<<,n 3,ret0,0x45fc168 <cpp_spell_token+744>
0x045fbecc <cpp_spell_token+76>:	ldil L%45fb800,r19
0x045fbed0 <cpp_spell_token+80>:	ldo 6dc(r19),r19
=> 0x045fbed4 <cpp_spell_token+84>:	ldw,s ret0(r19),r19
0x045fbed8 <cpp_spell_token+88>:	bv,n r0(r19)
0x045fbedc <cpp_spell_token+92>:	# 45fbeec
0x045fbee0 <cpp_spell_token+96>:	# 45fbfc8

What is interesting about this instruction is that it usually involves an I and D access to the same page.

strace shows nothing for process. gdb can't single step from the instruction. A break at the next
instruction is never hit.

I see the following with sysrq-trigger:

cc1plus R running task 0 16932 16931 0x00000010
timer_interrupt(CPU 1): delayed! cycles 77ED56D2 rem BD46F next/now 411D1E1AE13C/411D1E0F0CCD

Note the delayed timer interrupt "always" seems to occur. Also, see that the program isn't running kernel

So, my theory is there is a bug in the TLB miss handling. Somehow a data miss ejects the instruction entry, and we get into a loop inserting I and D TLB entries. Sometimes the machine gets out of the loop but it takes

I could probably fix this by moving the case offsets to a readonly data page, but this would make the code
sequence slightly longer.

Never seen the problem on HP-UX.

John David Anglin	dave.anglin@xxxxxxxx

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