3.5-rc3: vdd_mpu_iva warnings

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I have a GUMSTIX Overo AirSTORM module (AM3703-based).

When booting the kernel the following features are listed:
OMAP3630 ES1.2 (l2cache neon isp 192mhz_clk )

After booting I get the following (repeating every few seconds):

[   81.122558] voltdm_scale: No voltage scale API registered for vdd_mpu_iva
[   81.130340] platform mpu.0: omap_target: unable to scale voltage up.

I have SmartReflex enabled, and the same defconfig used to work on 3.4.

I'm assuming this is because of changes to twl-common.c to add the "IVA" voltage 
domain, but on the OMAP I have there is no IVA - hence the warnings?

Is there a known fix for this (disabling SmartReflex seems to make no difference)?

Joe Woodward

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