Re: [PATCH 04/11] ARM: OMAP2+: usb_host_fs: add custom reset for usb_host_fs (fsusb)

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* Cousson, Benoit <b-cousson@xxxxxx> [120607 01:07]:
> On 6/7/2012 9:55 AM, Felipe Balbi wrote:
> >On Thu, Jun 07, 2012 at 12:51:58AM -0700, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> >>* Paul Walmsley<paul@xxxxxxxxx>  [120607 00:44]:
> >>>On Thu, 7 Jun 2012, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> >>>
> >>>>Here too I think driver like features like this should live in the
> >>>>driver init for omap OHCI driver. In the likely case that FS OHCI is
> >>>>not in use on the board, the OHCI glue can just reset it.
> >>>
> >>>What if the driver is not compiled into the kernel, but instead is built
> >>>as a loadable module?
> >>
> >>You can still have a core piece of the driver that's always built in, such
> >>as omap-ohci-common. But it should live under drivers, not in the bus level
> >>code. Or you can insmod/rmmod it to reset things properly.
> >
> >that's such a hack... both solutions are quite hacky. The only problem
> >here is because some bootloaders are leaving controller in an unknown
> >state and I guess to be completely safe, resets should be done before
> >any driver kicks in.
> >
> >But, driver will probably reset again the IP block during probe...

Well I see two advantages moving the reset and idle responsibility to
the drivers:

1. We can avoid ioremapping the devices in the bus level code and
   simplify things

2. We don't need to duplicate driver code into the bus level code
> Ideally it should be done only in the probe if needed. In the case
> of the DSS, the bootloader can init it with a splash screen and we
> do not want to blindly reset it and thus produce some ugly artifact
> on the screen.
> In fact we should delay the reset to the very last moment and
> potentially reset the IPs not under driver control later after a
> couple of second for example.
> It will avoid reseting every IP that will be handled properly by drivers.

Good point.


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