Re: [PATCH-V2 0/4] ARM: OMAP2+: am33xx: Add clocktree and hwmod data

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Considering that we have the RFC patches available for common
clk fwk, we should probably avoid the extra churn and have this
use the common clk fwk instead. Of course that is assuming the
common clk fwk patches will be mergeable soonish.


I am not quite sure how much time it will take to merge common clock changes
from Rajendra, since it is still in RFC stage and may take couple merge

I am certainly hoping it does not take couple of merge windows and plan to get it in good shape for 3.6.

windows. I would recommend to merge clock-tree and hwmod patches atleast to
the linux-next, so that it gets validated for some time and we atleast would
be able to boot the BeagleBone (community board) from linux-next/master.
People can start further development using this on BeagleBone platform.

Based on common-clock migration activity on OMAP, we can certainly make
decision on pushing it to Mainline (Linus's) tree. And also I will start
basing AM33XX clocktree on Rajendra's patches, so that it will get merged at
the same time.

OK that sounds fair to me. Let's see what Paul and Rajendra say, it's
really up to them to make the call. We need minimize the extra load for
Paul and Rajendra here as it's already a big effort.

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