Re: [PATCH 0/3] omap3/omap4: add device tree support for wdt

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Jon Hunter wrote:
Hi Xiao Jiang,

On 05/25/2012 05:42 AM, jgq516@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Xiao Jiang <jgq516@xxxxxxxxx>

This series can be applied to dt branch of linux-omap tree.

Thanks for sending this!

Since omap24xx series has different wdt base addr (omap2420: 0x48022000 and
omap2430: 0x49016000) per commit 2817142f31bfbf26c216bf4f9192540c81b2d071, so
I don't add wdt node in omap2.dtsi just like omap3 and omap4, maybe different
dts files are needed for omap2420 and omap2430.

Good point. I am wondering if we can simple drop the address from the
wdt2 node for omap2. It is not really being used. May be Benoit can comment.

Hmm, I think the address doesn't need anymore since the related hw_mod has the right addr as follows.

static struct omap_hwmod_addr_space omap2420_wd_timer2_addrs[] = {
{ .pa_start = 0x48022000,
               .pa_end         = 0x4802207f,
               .flags          = ADDR_TYPE_RT
}, { }

static struct omap_hwmod_addr_space omap2430_wd_timer2_addrs[] = {
{ .pa_start = 0x49016000,
               .pa_end         = 0x4901607f,
               .flags          = ADDR_TYPE_RT
}, { }

static struct omap_hwmod_addr_space omap3xxx_wd_timer2_addrs[] = {
{ .pa_start = 0x48314000,
               .pa_end         = 0x4831407f,
               .flags          = ADDR_TYPE_RT
}, { } };

static struct omap_hwmod_addr_space omap44xx_wd_timer2_addrs[] = {
{ .pa_start = 0x4a313000,
               .pa_end         = 0x4a31407f,
               .flags          = ADDR_TYPE_RT
}, { } };


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