Re: Panda: USB crash with today's linux-next

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* Felipe Balbi <balbi@xxxxxx> [120514 12:41]:
> On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 11:37:43AM -0700, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> > * Tony Lindgren <tony@xxxxxxxxxxx> [120514 11:19]:
> > > * Felipe Balbi <balbi@xxxxxx> [120514 11:04]:
> > > > 
> > > > That whole MMC card detection is also pretty screwed up. Balaji/Venkat,
> > > > can you guys look into that ? Probably making something generic using a
> > > > threaded IRQ handler ?
> > > > 
> > > > I mean, all the MMC core should need is an IRQ number (through GPIOs or
> > > > not doesn't/shouldn't matter) and it should be able to use a threaded
> > > > IRQ handler to kick the card detection/initialization.
> > > 
> > > That's mostly done.. Just need to update the patches for it.
> > 
> > Mostly done meaning "all the MMC core should need is an IRQ number"
> > part that is :)
> but you've done it for omap_hsmmc.c, right ? What I meant is that the
> whole card detection should be done at the MMC framework level.

Yes what I did was just try to start gettting rid of the platform
> I mean, if we tell MMC core what's the card detect IRQ number, it should
> be able to implement a generic version of omap_hsmmc_detect(). All that
> thing does is read the current gpio status number and call
> mmc_detect_change().
> mmc_detect_change() then kicks a delayed work, which shouldn't be needed
> because omap_hsmmc_detect() (or the generic of it) is already using a
> threaded IRQ.

Yeah maybe it's doable.. The MMC driver needs to read the status of the
card insert, but maybe that should be just just gpio_get_value().

Then ideally the MMC driver would not have any knowledge how the GPIO
is handled as it can come from whatever gpiochip using internal GPIO


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